Now you can control the web with rules based on your location.

What Can GeoHooks Do?

GeoHooks lets you control the web with rules based on your location. This means anything you can trigger with a URL, you can now trigger based on your location. Let your spouse know when you’ve left work, turn on the lights in your connected home when you pull in the driveway, or anything else you can control via a URL.

That’s really cool, but I’m concerned about privacy.

Your location is a sensitive topic. That's why we never know it. Rather than keeping track of your actual physical location, we only know about named zones you create. We know if you're inside or outside of one but have no idea where they actually are. (This makes us useful but not creepy.)


Ping any URL

You're a smart hacker. Think of all the things you can make a web server do. Expose any of that functionality at a public URL and we can control it based on your location.

SMS and email, too

In addition to sending webhooks to your URLs, we can also send a text message or email on your behalf. And with smart message templates, you can even fetch remote data and insert that into the messages we send.

Powerful rules

Trigger actions based on rules you create - when you enter or leave a zone, when you transition from one zone to another. Mix and match these rules with boolean logic and base them on the state of multiple actors.

History matters

Setup silent rules that don't trigger any actions but allow you to keep track of when you arrived or left somewhere. Know how much time you spent at work this week or what time you should leave for the fastest commute.